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pdf Tankcool Nozzle

Tankcool Nozzle

The GW Tankcool nozzle is designed primarily for protection and cooling of fuel storage tank walls.

Where possible, nozzles should be connected to the top of water lines, with the nozzles upright. The placement of nozzles surrounding process equipment is an essential feature of a water spray system.

The nozzle configuration should direct water spray onto all exposed surfaces of the equipment to absorb heat from the fire and keep the equipment at a safe temperature. Dry areas occurring because of incomplete nozzle coverage can result in the development of “hot spots”. Overheating of metal at hot spots reduces metal strength which might cause a pressurized vessel or pipeline to rupture, or a structure to collapse. For system design guidance refer to e.g. NFPA 15 (National Fire Protection Association) or API (American Petroleum Institute).