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Medium velocity solid cone spray pattern. Ideal for exposure protection and combating fuel fires with flash point below 66°C.

Approval: FM / LLoyds Register (LR)


pdf Thermospray Medium Velocity Nozzle

Thermospray Medium Velocity Nozzle

The GW Thermospray medium velocity nozzle is designed for directional spray applications in fixed water spray (deluge) systems. The angle of the external deflector determines the direction and shape of the water spray, consisting of low to medium velocity droplets.

The GW Thermospray nozzle is available in a variety of K-factors and materials to meet most land based and off shore design application requirements. Also available with protective plating – e.g. ENP (electroless nickel plating). Consult GW Sprinkler for available options.

The GW Thermospray nozzle is effective in covering exposed vertical, horizontal and irregular shaped surfaces in a cooling water spray to prevent excessive absorption of heat from an external fire, protecting e.g. structural steel constructions from damage and preventing potential collapse. In some applications the GW Thermospray nozzle may also be used for fire control and extinguishment, depending on water density design requirements.

pdf GW Thermospray - Spray Profile_ Vertical Down 3D STEP

GW Thermospray  - Spray Profile_ Vertical Down 3D STEP

For the ease of CAD construction involving medium velocity GW Thermospray distribution patterns, the spray profiles for each nozzle spray angle are available as 3D models in STEP (.STP) file format. Please contact GW Sprinkler for availability and submission.

pdf GW Thermospray_Identification Color Code Rosette

GW Thermospray_Identification Color Code Rosette

Identifying a water spray nozzle's individual performance data will normally require a close-up look at the nozzle body, or deflector to see the permanent marking engraved. Such identification is often very difficult due to small sized marking, remote location, and difficult access to nozzles.

In order to facilitate an easy nozzle identification from the distance, the GW Thermospray nozzles can be fitted and supplied with a unique colour code rosette, that will identify any combination of K-factor and Spray Angle available.