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Used as a radiant heat shield and to control gas leakages.


pdf Thermoshield model 883B

Thermoshield model 883B

The GW Sprinkler Thermoshield Model 883B Nozzle is designed for use in areas where a barrier (water curtain) is required between risks in a fire scenario in order to prevent fire spread. For example when used between fuel storage vessels the GW Thermoshield nozzle will produce a “Vertical Partition” of water which prevents adjacent storage vessels from heating up due to convection/radiation.

The nozzles, when used in this way, will not provide any fire suppression capacity for the risk, as it is intended only to prevent fire spread. The individual risks will require separate protection. The GW Thermoshield nozzle is designed to provide a heavy duty flat fan spray, to generate a water curtain. It is typically installed as part of a deluge system to protect a surface, or area from heat radiation. With the orifices pointing vertically upwards, downwards or horizontal, the nozzle is installed between the surface / area to be protected, and the heat source. The water spray will both reflect and absorb the heat radiation thus reducing the resultant level of heat reaching the protected surface / area. The Thermoshied nozzle can also be used for drenching of horizontal surfaces, when installed flat horizontally.