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Open Window Drencher

Open Window Drencher

The GW Window Drencher is developed for wetting and cooling of vertical surfaces. It is fitted with a specially developed deflector which provides a vertical down and 15° reverse, wide spray that generates an evenly distributed water run-down on the vertical surface behind it. Open Window Drencher type nozzle provides effective exposure protection on storage tanks and as a fire barrier for doors, walls and windows.


pdf Open Window Drencher

The GW Window Drencher is designed for horizontal installation. It is typically installed as part of an automatic sprinkler system (sealed bulb version), or a deluge system (open nozzle version) to protect a surface or area from heat radiation. The GW Window Drencher is typically used in applications where direct cooling by water run-down is called for – i.e. windows and glazing facades.