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Drencher Nozzle - Marine

The GW type “S” range of Drencher Nozzles offers the latest in design and performance, both highly compact and durable. Drencher Nozzles are open sprinklers, available in two different styles and with different orifice sizes (K-factors) to accommodate most system design requirements.


pdf Drencher Nozzles - Marine SSP & CU/P

Drencher Nozzles - Marine SSP & CU/P

The GW-S Drencher Nozzle is intended for use in special category spaces. Special category spaces are those enclosed spaces above or below bulkhead deck intended for the carriage of motor vehicles with fuel in their tanks for their own propulsion, into and from which such vehicles can be driven, and to which passengers have access.

Bureau Veritas (BV) Approved for use as drencher nozzle in fixed water spraying systems having to comply with IMO Res. A123 (V).