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Cable Tray Nozzle

Cable Tray Nozzle
Used for the protection of cable and pipe trays against radiant heat or fire. Specially designed to give NFPA rate with minimal wastage.


pdf Cable Tray Nozzle

Cable Tray Nozzle

The GW Sprinkler cable tray nozzle delivers waterspray over a closely defined area of cable tray or pipe run.

The average density provided is in excess of 6.1 l/min (NFPA 15 standard for extinguishment) with minimal wastage. This is achieved over a 0.56m tray width at a minimum pressure of 1.25 bar.

Each nozzle will cover approximately 1,75m2 at 1.25 bar inlet pressure.

The cable tray nozzle is manufactured in brass with a natural finish as standard. For increased corrosion resistance in harsh environments, e.g. salt spray atmosphere, chemical plants, offshore applications, etc., the m nozzle is available in SS316 and SMO254 or plated with nickel ENP 17mm.