Atrium (LTH+ELTH)

Atrium (LTH+ELTH)
Combination of Long Throw nozzle LTH and ELTH for extended horizontal coverage up to 13 m.


pdf Atrium LTH+ELTH


Large open spaces with excessive ceiling heights, like Atriums in modern buildings, are challenging when it comes to fire protection. Due to physical and aesthetical restrictions ceiling mounted sprinklers are not desired, which calls for alternative solutions.


Ordinary horizontal sidewall sprinklers do not have the spray capacity to provide the super extended coverage required to reach the centre of an atrium space.

To overcome this challenge GW offers a solution using two specialized nozzles in combination to provide horizontal spray coverage up to 13m from the wall. If fitted on opposite walls, the GW LTH+ELTH combination can protect open spaces up to 26m diameter.

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