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Electrically Actuated Sprinklers (by Metron Actuator ®)

Electrically Actuated Sprinklers (by Metron Actuator ®)

Electrically actuated sprinklers provide the option of designing "intelligent" pro-active sprinkler systems. Each individual sprinkler head can be operated individually through the programming of the fire detection system. Thus a single, or a number of sprinklers in the area of detection can be actuated instantly when the early fire is detected, thus allowing for fast containment and suppression of the fire. Electrical actuation of sprinklers thus significantly speeds up the release of water onto the fire, compared to the time otherwise required for the fire to develop to a size where the sprinkler is released by heat. Detection of the fire will typically be by means of heat, smoke or flame detection - or combinations of these. An electrically actuated sprinkler will operate both as a "normal" heat-actuated sprinkler AND as a remotely controlled sprinkler actuated by electrical signal, thus offering double purpose protection. These specialist sprinkler heads incorporate electrically activated Metron Actuators. An electrical signal from a detection device ignites a small quantity of explosive that forces a piston to extend into and break the glass bulb. They operate within milliseconds of receiving an impulse, a rate which is almost imossible to achieve with a mechanical source of energy.


pdf Metron (Electrically Activated) Products

Metron (Electrically Activated) Products

The GW-S sprinkler series offers high quality, European manufactured, modern compact design, that meet the rigid test requirements set out by the world leading approval authorities. The unique GW PTFE / double groove seal in combination with high end heat responsive frangible glass bulbs guarantee durable operation and reliable performance.

The heat & electrically operated sprinkler is fitted with an electrically operated Metron Actuator that enables instant and remote actuation of the sprinkler – typically in combination with a detection system and/or a manually operated switch box.

The GW-S heat & electrically actuated sprinklers are ideal for applications where instant and fully controllable actuation of single or multiple heads is called for – e.g. applications involving protection of explosive components/environments.

The Metron Actuator is a highly reliable, compact single shot device which can push with a power to weight ratio in excess of 10,000:1. It operates within milliseconds of receiving the appropriate electrical impulse, a rate which is almost impossible to achieve with a mechanical source of energy. The short reaction times and high power to weight ratios are achieved by sophisticated pyrotechnique. Within the metal body of each device, rapid expansion of hot combustion products generates very high pressures which are used to do mechanical work, in this case to drive a piston forward to shatter the sprinkler glass bulb.