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We offer a number of services that are closely related to our main business of water based fire protection equipment manufacture. Services include:

              • Product overhaul / refurbishing
              • 25 Year sprinkler inspection (EN12845 Annex K)
              • Material identification (PMI)
              • Calibration / setting & testing


pdf GW C-300 Valve Refurbishment

GW C-300 Valve Refurbishment

GW offers full overhaul of C-300 deluge valves. The valve is disassembled, cleaned by glass blasting, visually assessed for damage/corrosion, soft parts are replaced. After reassembly the valve is both hydrostatically and functionally tested - all documented by a test report.

pdf Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Positive Material Identification (PMI) of metal alloys by X-ray flourescense (XRF) method, fully documented by:

  • 1. GW PMI Test Report - a test result summary report compiling the relevant order, product and inspection data.
  • 2. X-Met 7500 Report – each PMI test conducted is documented by tamper proof reports, generated by direct data from the test equipment, showing the individual test results (chemical composition and UNS alloy match) for each item tested.

pdf 25 Year Sprinkler Inspection (to CEA 4001 & EN12845 Annex K)

25 Year Sprinkler Inspection (to CEA 4001 & EN12845 Annex K)

Trust by verification - according to European sprinkler system installation standards (CEA4001 & EN12548) latest after 25 years in service the pipe internals and sprinkler head operationality shall be inspected/verified.

We are happy to offer our highly qualified technical expertise to help you verify and document that your fire sprinklers are fully operational, and provide the level of protection you expect from your sprinkler system.

Just send us your sprinkler samples, and we will inspect and test these according to our certified ISO 9001 procedures - and issue a test report (pdf) in compliance with the mandatory test requirements of CEA 4001 and EN12845 Annex K - 25 year sprinkler inspection.